Lake House

90% of my fabric stash is purchased with no plan of what I’ll make. When Sweetwater released their Boat House fabric line a couple years ago I had to have it! It reminded me of my dad, who LOVED the water. So of course I bought it, but had no idea what I would make.

photo credit: Sweetwater Fabric Co.

Inspiration finally struck me about a year ago. I started seeing a lot of decorative boat oars and thought maybe I’ll make a quilt with different oar styles. Like many of us, my list of current projects was long and I didn’t sit down to design it. But it stayed in the back of my mind.

When I sat down to finally design this quilt, it came together very quickly. I started sketching out designs on a Friday and by Sunday I had a finished quilt top.  My favorite quilts all seem to come together that way….in a flood of ideas and a flurry of late night sewing.

I sent my quilt off to Vickey Hughes of Studio V Quilting and love how it turned out. She had the perfect nautical quilting motif for this quilt.

I’m so pleased with how this quilt turned out. It’s just as I envisioned when the idea came to me.

I owe a big THANK YOU to my pattern testers for helping me fine tune my pattern.

Maggie Norman made a beautiful version with bright and happy colors. She went scrappy with some of my favorite Alison Glass prints and Art Gallery Fabrics Prisma Elements. I love the mixture of brown and gray linen oars.

Karen Burton used a mixture of Carolyn Friedlander prints from 3 different collections (Doe, Carcai and Botanics) and I just love when a fabric designer’s different lines play well together.

Karen and her family spend many weekends at one of Michigan’s many lakes. What beautiful memories they are making!


*****UPDATE***** My apologies, the platform I was using to publish and sell my patterns is no longer available. Because my current focus is going to school full time for nursing, I will not be pursuing a new platform to sell my patterns. Thank you for visiting my blog.

XO Chelle

xo Chelle

14 thoughts on “Lake House

  1. I am trying to find your beautiful Lake House quilt pattern ( the one with the oars) I would love to purchase this. Thank you 😊

    1. Hello! Thank you for your interest in my pattern. I have not looked at my craftsy account in some time. It appears Craftsy has rolled over to Blu Print? I was not aware of that. I’ve put quilting on hold for nursing school lately and haven’t paid a lot of attention to what’s going on in the quilting world. Let me do some research tomorrow and get back to you. Thanks again!

      1. I hate to keep bothering you but I am so in love with your Lake House pattern. I would really love to purchase the pattern. Thank you so much for your help! Rebecca Ogaard

      2. Hi Chelle have you been able to find out how I can purchase your quilt pattern? I cannot get to your pattern shop to purchase Lake House pattern. I

  2. I have tried a number of times to go to your pattern shop which says the pattern for Lake House is there. I cannot get to your pattern shop in order to purchase the pattern.

  3. I would also be willing to pay you for this pattern! Is there any chance you would sell it to me? Thanks!

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