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It’s pretty safe to say the HST’s (half square triangles) are my favorite unit for constructing quilts. If I’m stumped when designing a quilt, it’s my sure-fire go-to. You can make so many different designs by just rearranging HST’s. As much as I love HST’s, I hate making them. Especially when I need a lot. It’s tedious and time consuming.

I was designing a mini quilt for my Schnitzel and Boo mini quilt swap (more on that later) and needed a lot of HST’s. I mean A LOT! 112 to be exact.   *Sigh*


I’m never exactly sure the right measurements for cutting the squares for HST’s. My go to size lately has been 3 inches finished, so I have the cutting measurements down for that. But for this project I needed 2 1/2 inch HST’s (2 inches finished). I went to the internet to figure out what size to cut. In my search I stumbled on an awesome tip for making 8 HST’s at once! Whaaaat? Yes 8 at once! I want to give credit to Sew Mama Sew. I found the tutorial on their site here. The tutorial came from none-other-than Lindsay Conner of Lindsay Sews. The very same Lindsay that organized the quilting bee I’m involved in. She rocks in my book!

Anyhoo, I’ll give a quick breakdown of her tutorial revised for the size HST’s I needed, in case you’re ever in need of 2 1/2 inch HST’s (2 inches finished).

I started with 2 – 6 inch squares. Place your 2 squares right sides together just like you would when making a normal HST unit. And just like normal, draw a diagonal line from corner to corner. But you will do that twice in an X. Then you’ll sew 1/4 inch on both sides of those drawn lines just like you would a normal HST unit (but in an X). Your sewn piece should look like this.

IMG_3531Forgive the terrible pictures. I was sewing late into the night and the lighting was terrible. But you get the idea.

Then you’ll make 4 cuts, like these.




I made 8 sets of these, making 64 HST units lickety split! My life just got a lot easier!


Except for the fact that I now have 64 HST’s to press and trim. Oh well, I can’t have it all!



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2 thoughts on “Tip of the Day

  1. I just love a good shortcut!! And I am totally on board with you. Love those HSTs and everything you can do with them, but not really a huge fan of all that trimming. Your little sketch looks great, I’m thinking it’s going to be a wonderful quilt!

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