A Creative Funk

Do you ever spend hours and hours on an idea that you think will be great, only to be disappointed with the outcome? I suppose that happens to all of us, no matter what the subject matter is. I had what I thought was a great quilt pattern in my brain. I spent hours sketching it out, picking fabrics, cutting and sewing. Once I got a couple blocks up on the design wall I was not feeling it at all. I can’t exactly put my finger on it, but it just didn’t look right. I even asked my husband for his input. He quickly pointed out that I must be in a funk because I never ask for his opinion. He was right. He was also right when he said he thought my colors were a little off. I didn’t even take pictures for you because I still want to work on it to get it right.

In the meantime I had some fabric all cut up and ready to use in some capacity. And I never like wasting good fabric. I pulled some out for a different project but kept some solids I was using and found more to work in. I came up with this.



I needed something easy easy and fun to get my mind back on track. This is helping. I’ve sewn the bottom two rows of blocks together. I’ll finish the top rows this weekend. It’ll be a baby quilt. I’ll post it in the shop when it’s finished.

I also worked on a custom bag order I received. I finished that today and mailed it off. That was also a fun project.


I improved a couple things while I was at it. I made the interior zipper pocket bigger and moved it up slightly.



I feel a little more refreshed and ready to get back to my quilt designing sometime next week. I guess my brain just needed a break and I needed to be less hard on myself for not getting it right the first time. In the meantime I’ll be heading over to the Beach Cities Quilt Show this weekend (http://beachcitiesquilters.org/). I’m not involved in that guild, but I thought I’d check it out. I’m sure that will help spark some creativity. Have a great weekend!

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