Pillows and Cuddles

You guys! My quilting bee started this week! I’ve been so excited that I’ve totally neglected my blog. Sorry friends!

A little catch up….I signed up for the Modern InstaBee over on Instagram a few weeks ago. If you’re interested in signing up for a hive or just want to check out what all the hives are doing, jump over to Instagram and look up #moderninstabee2014. So far there are 18 different hives (12quilters  each). Lots of gorgeous quilt block photos, it’s going to be fun working as a group making quilts for each of us! I also explained it a little here if you want to read more.

I can’t wait to post about the  bee and what we’re working on as time goes on. For now we’re getting set up and talking fabric selections, so not a lot to share yet. I’m waiting on some goodies in the mail before I can get started on my block for this month’s Queen Bee.

I do have some other fun things to share! Monday, my sister stopped by to ask me to make a pillow. That’s a huge compliment for me because my sister is an awesome interior designer who has always had a natural eye for style. She’s also really detail oriented so big compliment, but also made me a little nervous to make it perfect! The pillow she needed was for one of her clients who just had a baby girl. The new nursery is decorated in grays and peach. She picked a couple fabrics from my stash and asked for chevrons.


I like the color combo she picked.


She wanted a zipper enclosure, so here’s the back.


She loved it (phew)! She’ll be gifting it to her client this weekend so I’m looking forward to how that goes. That’s always the most rewarding, but nerve racking part of the process of making something. You want the receiver to love it. Wish I could be a fly on the wall…

Some other cool stuff happening here. I have a logo now!

chellesquilts copy

I ordered business cards yesterday and put my logo up on my facebook page and Etsy shop. I printed some fabric labels to add to the things I make and sell. It’s a small thing, but makes me feel good….”official” in some way. My dream is to one day design and sell patterns and maybe design fabric. We’ll see…

I’d love to stay and chat, but this one just crawled into my lap and wants to cuddle. That is all I ever need!


2 thoughts on “Pillows and Cuddles

  1. Cuddles ALWAYS come before anything! Love the pillow. Love the color combo of peach & gray. I never thought about that. I’ve not done a zipper on the back of a pillow. Ever thought about doing a tutorial for this?

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