Fresh Sewing Day and Small Blog Meet – May

Can you believe it’s May already? Me either! Before you know it summer will be here and I’ll be entertaining a house full of kids saying “I’m bored” every 10 minutes.

I’m really loving this Fresh Sewing Day idea Liliy’s Quilts came up with, where we link to her blog and list some finishes from the previous month and think about what we’re working on in the coming month. The month seems to go by in a blur, but sitting down to think about what I have finished really gives me a sense of accomplishment and gets me excited about the new things I’m working on (or WIP’s I need to finish).



Here is what I was up to in April….

I finished this quilt, a WIP (work in progress) that was sitting around since last fall.


I had an awesome Spring Break with the kids and got to spend time with my sister, mom, and my 4 nephews.

IMG_3081  IMG_3086  IMG_3088

I posted my first tutorial for this quilt, which I started and finished all in the same month. That almost never happens! It helps when I give myself a deadline.


I made my cousin a going away gift. A quilted checker set.

image image

She and her family moved to the Philippines a couple days ago. I just got word they arrived safely last night!

I made not one, but two Sew Together Bags! They really are addicting. I can’t wait to make more!

image  IMG_0081 - Copy

I made this canvas tote for a special 6-year-old who had a birthday.

IMG_0091 IMG_0092

I also finished this little lady (another WIP from last summer).


The best part of April is I discovered some new blogs I’ve fallen in love with through Lily’s Quilts Small Blog Meet. I gained a couple new followers (Hi!) and I’m making some new quilty friends. I finally got off my butt and joined Instagram. I’m making lots of quilty friends over there too.


Which leads me to May. I’m so excited….I joined a Quiling Bee through Instagram called The Modern InstaBee. I’m in Hive 18, which last I looked has 1 spot left. But as soon as it’s filled (12 members) we get to start! Yay!

If you haven’t seen all the excitement over on Intagram about the Modern InstaBee (#moderninstabee2014), here’s the scoop. It all started with a book


written by Lindsay Conner of Linsday Sews, a super talented quilter and blogger, but she does so much more! She has some really awesome tutorials too, you should check her out sometime.

(not a sponsored ad BTW, I just love Lindsay and all that she does!)

Back to the InstaBee…

Lindsay wrote the book above, which includes 12 patterns that she and her own quilting bee came up with. Then like wildfire, Modern InstaBees started forming on Instagram (I hear there are others as well, not on Instagram). We’re currently up to 18 different Hives with 12 members in each hive. Each month one of the hive members get to be “Queen Bee” and pick a pattern from the book, plus colors and styles of fabric that she (or he, my hive just happens to have all women) wants in their quilt. Each hive member chooses from their stash of fabric (or buys) according to the Queen Bee’s likes, makes her a block and mails it to her. Once she has all 12 blocks, she gets to sew them all into a lovely quilt top that she gets to keep. How awesome is that? Not only that but you’re making new friends, stretching your skills and talents a little and maybe learning to appreciate fabrics you didn’t give a second look before. Win-Win all around! This is my very first quilting bee but I just know it won’t be my last. I’m already getting to know and love some of my new bee friends. Looking at their Instagram photos, I can tell there are some pretty talented ladies that will definitely make me step up my game!

Feeling pretty good about April and really looking forward to what May has in store! Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to say hi, I love comments!

13 thoughts on “Fresh Sewing Day and Small Blog Meet – May

  1. You have yourself a new follower on IG and blog, I’m pretty new to it too! Warning… bees can be very addictive! I’m off to check out your chevron tutorial, it looks fab 🙂

  2. Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for your comments on my blog (did you know you appear as a no-reply email address?). I just took a look at yours and I really like your style! I cannot wait till I can force, er I mean, encourage my little girls to sew… she’s only 21 months right now but “yarn” and “fabric” were among her first 20 words! Thanks for following, I’ve got you in my Feedly now too!

    1. No I did not know, thanks for letting me know. I’m still figuring this stuff out as I go so thanks for pointing it out. Now if I can figure out how to fix that…. 😉
      You’ll love teaching your daughter when she’s old enough. I tried on many different occasions and the most recent time it just clicked. She’s almost 10 so it took awhile.

  3. I agree, April went by too fast! You have been very productive! I especially like the checker board – I’m sure they will think of you often. You are a special friend.

  4. Great finishes this month – and with spring break and pool time! And I’m totally adding a checkboard to the quiet book page list.

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