Happy 10th Anniversay of your 30th Birthday!

I would have said “Happy 19th anniversary of your 21st birthday” but who wants to be 21 again?

Not me!

Anyway, I whipped this up yesterday evening.

IMG_0080 - Copy

After making this one earlier in the week, the second one was a breeze!


When my friend saw mine, she teased that her 40th was coming up and she needed one.

 IMG_0082 - Copy IMG_0084

I just love all the pockets inside!

Her favorite color is purple. I normally don’t like purple, but this print really caught my eye. Maybe it’s the gray against the purple. I considered hoarding it keeping it for myself. But I guess I don’t need two.


I added this crown tag just for her. I jokingly added it to something else I made for her awhile back and she loved it. It’s becoming her signature. Or an inside joke. Either way it’s a fun little embellishment.

Happy Birthday Laura! I know it’s a few days early, but it’s on it’s way.

P.S. This was made from a pattern I purchased on Craftsy here. It’s the Sew Together Bag by Sew Demented.

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