Sew Together Bag

As I mentioned here, I joined the Sew Together Bag craze (by Sew Demented). I’ve been seeing more and more pictures of this bag pop up online and I couldn’t resist. You can buy the pattern here if you want to make one too.


 Here are is my outer shell. I decided to use the quilt-as-you-go method that I learned from this Craftsy class (Quilt-As-You-Go Patchwork Bags by Tara Rebman).


I got got this far and had to put it down for a couple days. You know, Easter and all….

I finished the final touches last night. Ta-da!

image image image

There are definitely some flaws in my bag, but I love it! Rather than buying what I needed, I used what I had on hand. My interfacing should have been lightweight but I used a pretty heavy one. I like the extra rigidity in the bag, but it became super thick to sew together, making it tough to finish the binding. Now that I’ve made one, I know what I need to do to improve the next one. And the one after. I joked with a friend that it was such a pain to put together that I was Never. Making. Another! But to be honest, I will definitely be making more. I know someone turning 40 soon. She might need one of these since she’s starting to sew a little.

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