Spring Break!

I received this little package sometime last week and have been itching to make something with it.


I’m joining in on the “Sew Together Bag” craze. If you haven’t seen this adorable bag you can find the pattern here. There are loads photos of adorable versions of this bag online and I decided to buy enough zippers to make 10. Yes you read that right. 10! I know this is going to be an addicting project. I’m pretty sure everyone in my family are getting one and maybe a couple friends. I think this would make such a cute little gift. If you haven’t been to the little Etsy shop, Zipit you should go check them out. You’ll see why I had to buy so many zippers. (Not a sponsored ad, by the way. I just love sharing places I like to shop.)

But it’s Spring Break around here. Instead of a lot of sewing, there’s a lot of this going on….

IMG_3081  IMG_3086  IMG_3088

A little of this….

IMG_3097   IMG_3098

And some of this…

IMG_3064   IMG_3067

Don’t worry, I’ve managed to squeeze in some time working on my tutorial quilt. Here is a sneak peek. It’s all ready to be quilted.


But it’s going to be another scorcher today so we’re heading out for some more swimming with cousins. I’d say so far this has been the best spring break in a long time!



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