Sunday Sewing

I’ve been wondering lately what is a good age to try and teach my daughter how to make a quilt. She’s 9 now. Sorry 9 1/2, as she would correct me. I tried to teach her a little over a year ago. While she was interested and excited to learn, her attention span wasn’t there. Yesterday I decided to let her try again. I figured a pieced pillow would be a great starter project. I let her raid my scraps and pick her own color palette. She went for a rainbow and added some black and white. I briefly talked to her about how to measure the pillow and figure out how many squares we needed to cut, explained adding 1/2 inch to each block for the seam allowances. Of course I pressed and cut all the fabrics for her, but she watched so I could explain what I was doing. Then I let her make her own block layout.


I sewed the first 2 blocks together to explain the 1/4″ seam allowance but let her sew each row together by herself. She did so well with her seam allowances. Having my Bernina 550 QE made such a huge difference from when I tried to teach her before. My new machine has a sliding guide bar that I have lined up against my 1/4″ foot so that it’s easier to keep my seam allowances perfect. I really love my Bernina! It’s made such a huge difference in the quality of my work.

IMG_2877 IMG_2876

After piecing together the individual rows, I started pinning the rows together for her. I explained to her that she had to be careful when sewing rows together to watch out for the pins. After explaining that she could break the needle by hitting a pin, she got nervous and asked that I join the rows for her. So I did.


Here is her finished pillow top.

Next I sandwiched everything together for her and got it ready for quilting. I did one line of quilting for her just to show her how, but she did the rest of the quilting herself.  Wow! I was amazed at how well she did keeping the quilting straight. She did a much better job that when I quilted for the first time at age 31!

IMG_2882 - CopyIt was getting close to bed time, so I quickly sewed the back of the pillow onto the front for her. I’m sure she would have done a great job, but she wanted her finished pillow rather than continue the project later.

IMG_2884 - Copy


She was so proud of herself and I’m so unbelievably proud of her! She’s already talking about her next project. Just like mama. She even offered to teach her 8-year-old brother to make a pillow. He wants to come home from school today and pick fabrics. Stay tuned.

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