A new finish

Often times I start a project and get side tracked a little. Ahem, well a lot. I love it when I start something and finish it pretty quickly. I started this one about a week ago.


It helps that this is a small quilt. Finished size is 27″ x 42″


I moved into a new home a month ago and wanted to put something on the wall.


What do you think? I used a few jelly roll strips from Moda’s Salt Air by Cosmo Cricket. It’s an older line that I’ve been hoarding far too long. I have a bad habit of buying beautiful Moda pre-cuts and don’t use them. They’re just too pretty to cut into. Aren’t they?

Salt Air

It’s not like a have a sewing room to display them in. My “sewing room” is wherever I can find space to set up my machine. Usually the dining room table. My dream is to one day have a sewing room all to myself. Something like this.

dream sewing room

I don’t know who this sewing room belongs to, but she’s a lucky girl. With a big family I have limited space to have something to myself. One day….

Until then, this is my space.



This is only a fraction of my fabric stash. The rest is folded not-so-neatly in the drawers below and in plastic drawers in my closet. This is the most organized I’ve ever been. I won’t even show you my sewing machine set up. That’s way too embarrassing. I’m not one of those well organized people, but I’m working on it.

Do you have a designated sewing room?

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